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Laser and Cosmetic Dentistry

We do more than treat teeth. We create smiles and promote self-esteem!!!
We understand then importance of your oral health and it's connection to your overall health and body!

We bring the latest state of the art methods, materials and technology available today in dentistry!!!

Dental lasers, the Painless Alternative
Laser Cavity Detector
Digital radiography, which reduces x-ray emissions and gives patients 90% less x-ray exposure
Intra-oral Cameras
Computerized Operatory
Implant Dentistry
---surgery and crowns
E4D- Same Day Dentistry!!!!
---No more temporary crowns and out of state labs. We can make your crown while you wait!

LDC's Smile Lift of the week! The patient wanted something very natural and was very concerned about how much tooth reduction was required for her smile life. We digitally designed her smile. Our cosmetic laboratory made a "trial smile." The lower picture is of the trial smile temporaries! The trial smile is a blueprint for your final smile. We place the trial smile over your teeth and use it as a reduction guide for the dental laboratory. The horizontal lines are the reduction depth guides. This ensures that I have made the maximum amount of tooth reduction needed for the final smile. If you look closely, you will see that most of the reduction was on the "trial smile" template. End result:natural looking, minimally prepped veneers. NO SENSITIVITY. NO ANESTHETIC. #cosmeticdentistry #lansdowne #loudouncounty #bestdentist #porcelainveneers #dentalanxiety #dentalfear @lansdownedentalcare #topdentist #northernvirginia #digitalsmiledesign #discoloredteeth #deadtooth #smilemakeover #top25womenindentistry

Growth Guidance - Oral Health Group

Most adult airway problems begin an anatomically issue. In some cases, waiting til after 4 years of age, is too late!

"Surprisingly, it is your child’s dentist who becomes the guardian of normal facial growth and development. The role of your dentist is more than just taking care of your child’s teeth." As parents, we absolutely want what is best for our children in every way. Many parents are well aware of the specific milestones that our children should reach during the first 18-months of life, however, there are several important growth…

Dr Anto Youssef

It's not just baby teeth! Cavities on baby teeth if left untreated, can cause a lot of problems in the adult arch development.
---Cavities are bacterial infections...that we know now can be fatal! Yes there were children that have died from severe dental infections.
---Cavities can affect the effect the space that was needed for the adult teeth...leading to airway and developmental problems.
---Every adult tooth has a scheduled sequence for eruption. Extracting them too early can lead to a lot of problems!

They are not "just" baby teeth.
#babyteeth #airway #pediatricdentistry #dentaldecay

It is important to prevent or repair cavities on deciduous teeth in order not to create problems with tooth eruption with adult teeth.
C'est important de prévenir la carie dentaire, ou de la réparer sur les dents primaires pour ne pas créer de problèmes avec l'éruption des dents adultes.
Source: Chairside

Parent Fact Sheet on Caries Bacteria | Parent Fact Sheet on Caries Bacteria | My Childrens Teeth

"Did you know that cavities are caused by germs that are passed from adult to child?

Babies are born without the bacteria that causes caries- the disease that leads to cavities. They get it from spit that is passed from their caregiver’s mouth to their own. Caregivers pass on these germs by sharing saliva- by sharing spoons, by testing foods before feeding it to babies, by cleaning off a pacifier in their mouth instead of with water, and through other activities where saliva is shared.

These germs can start the process that causes cavities even before babies have teeth, so it’s important to avoid sharing saliva with your baby right from the start. See below for more tips on how to keep your baby- and your baby’s teeth healthy and happy." The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, AAPD, is the authority on children’s oral health and dental care.

Signs of glue ear, enlarged adenoids and enlarged tonsils with snoring and sleep apnea

Have you ever videotaped your child sleeping?
This is not cute. Your child can't breathe. Your child will not growth out of it. Your child will probably adapt and have long term breathing and developmental complications. When did it become okay to heavily medicate our children and never ask for solutions. Children are not little adults. In some case, we recommend Phase 1 Orthodontic Airway Development, in conjunction with T&A removal. #childrensnoring #ADHD #orthodontics #tonsils #childrensleep Lansdowne Dental Care

A three year old boy snoring loudly with glue ear, enlarged tonsils, enlarged adenoids. Hearing tests revealed moderate hearing loss and he has experienced l...

KTLA 5 News

I get very sad and upset when I see post like this because of what this article doesn't say...what really happened? What are the events leading to his death. Most dental diseases are preventable and can be very serious and life threatening if left untreated.

-Did you know that the caregiver, who shares the first meal with the child is most likely the one to pass the bacteria that cause cavities? Children are not born with this bacteria.
-Did you know that most sleep disorders are anatomical problem that can be fixed with ortho at a young age?
-We have data everyday linking periodontal disease to many inflammatory diseases.
-Dental infections if left untreated can go into your bloodstream and be life threatening!
-Did you know that airway/breathing disorders can be corrected with dentistry.
-We can talk to parents about children breathing disorders and how dentistry can correct or save your child's life.

I will never understood why parents give me crazy stares or writes me off, when I tell them that their child could potentially have a breathing disorder and we should think of early interventions to correct his/her breathing before he/she develops serious/life threatening development complications. When did it become ok to medicate children daily with steriods, antibiotics, etc...and never ask, "is this child overmedicated." "can this child be cured."

No one should die of a dental related death. I have so many patients refuse treatment because it's not "painful." Until the media, medical and dental community speak up about these issues, you will continue to read these sad stories.

My health service announcement:(
-Dr. Tracey Nguyen

"The doctor said, 'Tonight is the night he's going to die, because we did everything we can and nothing seems to work.' It's just the bacteria and the infection keeps growing to his lungs and they can't clean it out," his grieving widow said.

Courtesy of Dr. Steve Lamberg. Did you know that from midnight to 6 am, your blood pressure will spike! Patients with Severe OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) are 5X more likely to die from a cardiovascular disease! Untreated Sleep Apnea can take 15 years off your life! Did you know that the medical community defines CPAP successful: 4 hrs of sleep a night for 4 days #loudouncounty #bestdentist #northernvirginia #sleepapnea #cpap #snoring #heartattack #cardiovasculardisease #oralappliance Lansdowne Dental Care

Dental Emergency Overview - Lansdowne Dental | Lansdowne, VA

Do you know what you should do if you have damaged one of your teeth or if the tooth has fallen out? Do you know what you should do if you have issues with your gums or your cheek? You should make it a point to learn how to handle dental emergencies, and to know who you should contact for help when you need it the most. You never want to let a dental problem fester, as it has the potential to become much worse. Take care of the dental emergency as quickly as you can. Read on for some tips on what you can do in a dental emergency. Make sure you get in touch with our dentists in Lansdowne to get the help you need.

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